Educate and Certify our Members in our method to ensure their goal to become Professional Organizers is attainable.

Provide our Members with the Tools and Support to make a success of their business.

Make a Positive Impact on the careers of our Members and the communities that they serve.


“Organize to Simplify, Encourage to Reduce, Teach to Sustain”


Our Story

As Organizers, we understand the power of simplifying and paring down in the work that we do with our clients everyday and the positive impact that simplifying has made in our own lives.  We have also been listening to our clients, increasingly over the years ask for more than just organizing.  They have been looking for a sustainable solution for maintaining their homes and streamlining their lives.  We realized that traditional organizing and putting things away in containers or behind closet doors was not the solution.  Our clients are overwhelmed and know what they want- a simpler life- but they could not achieve it. Why? Because they were already too busy to get started, they weren't sure of the "rules" and they did not have the understanding or support of family or friends.  We believe Simplifying is the cure to modern stress and our goal is to help those who see it's value achieve it.  

For our Organizer friends and for those who wish to become Organizers, we envisioned a better way to learn and connect.   So, we set down our principles and created our Courses and support network.  

We invite you to join us as we learn and grow together.


ASPO Principles

1. Simplify

           Simplify Possessions

           Simplify Tasks

           Simplify Lives

2. Be Eco-Conscious 

           We dispose of discards in a responsible manner

           We encourage to reduce, reuse, recycle

3. Teach to Maintain

           Learning why to maintain is as important as learning how to maintain to ensure sustainability.



Introduction to ASPO

Please take a moment to view this short presentation about our philosophy, method and organization goals!




Thalia Poulos President

Thalia has been a successful organizer for more than 20 years. First in Chicago and now in Encinitas CA. She is a published author and has mentored countless organizers around the country. Thalia has proven that you can organize Simply and Beautifully.  



Melinda Mauthe Vice-President

Melinda rocketed her Delaware Organizing business with  determination and a strong marketing strategy. Melinda is a classic Simplifyer and helps clients change their goal from "get more done" to "have less to do".  



Jennifer Martin Membership Manager

Jennifer is a Philadelphia organizer who believes that living simply is the key to a happy life.  She has trained many new organizers and her passion is to spread the word of the power of organizing.