Boston's Best Pro Organizer Offers Us Inspiration


Want to know what it’s really like to be a Professional Organizer?

We’d like to introduce you to ASPO member Maureen Nuccitelli.  Maureen has been a Pro Organizer for over 20 years and has built her reputation as a premier Organizer in the Greater Boston area.

Maureen took some time from her busy schedule to chat with us about what she loves about being an Organizer and what drives her business.


What (or who) inspired you to become an Organizer?

Years ago, a friend, who is an interior decorator, needed help in his home office and asked me to come work for him part time. Originally, I was to assist with phone calls and other office work. I notice that all his fabric swatches and other samples were all over the place. I decided to organize all those items and the papers and create a neat, tidy, organized office. He was impressed with the work that I did and told me that I should help others with their home office as well. So then I decided to become an organizer.


How has becoming an Organizer impacted your life?

It has allowed me to work for myself first of all—which has always been a life goal of mine. And more importantly, I’ve been able to help others transform their space and seen the change in their lives.


How has your past career or education tied in to becoming an Organizer?

I have a BS in Psychology, so I’ve always been interested how our brains work and how people think and use their executive functioning capabilities. When I meet a client, I try to understand how they think and learn new information. I have told other less experienced organizers about this important part of organizing others. If the organizer just shows up and make everything neat and orderly without checking in with the client, she might not create an optimal long-term solution for the client. The organizer needs to integrate the client’s learning style and sense of aesthetic.

I’ve also worked in the hospitality business since I was a teenager. So I have very good customer service skills and can usually anticipate a client’s needs before they can. I can generally make most people laugh.


Who are your ideal clients?

I like working with busy professionals who are open to learning new ideas and new ways of doing things.


What drives your clients to hire a professional organizer?

They can’t seem to do it by themselves because they are so busy with their careers and families. And they understand that by hiring a professional they will get expertise in area that they themselves might lack. This usually saves them time and energy and even at times money. 


Is there a popular season or off-season for professional organizing in Boston? Does this at all tie into Spring or the Summer season?

I have regular clients all year long. Sometimes, I do get a pop of a lot of new clients in the spring because it’s a time when most people around here are feeling energized to start new projects. I do usually see a downswing in August when most people take their vacations.


Tell me a little bit about how you approach organizing--do you follow certain steps, or does the client dictate your approach?

Oftentimes, I use The 5 Step Organizing Process:

1. First, we will determine the client’s needs by listening to them and answering questions with a free phone intake session--I clarify the client’s goals, vision and direction.

2. I then help the client create and strategize their actions steps to achieve these goals. I can also jump right in with the action steps and work side-by-side to accomplish the tasks.

3. I provide coaching to find out where the client’s roadblocks are and help them become aware and overcome them. I consult and help upgrade the client’s skills so that they will achieve and maintain their goals.

4. I help the client optimize their environment, by suggesting tools and systems to achieve their organizing goals. I also help with organizational design of the client’s space. I pride myself in being able to offer solutions that are more than just neat and tidy, but also aesthetically beautiful.

5. I help the client master their psychology by helping them with their limiting beliefs and emotional blockages.

But sometimes, clients just want me to get to work and organize their basement without any process at all. So I always customize my approach to each individual client.


What sorts of challenges can you help with? What opportunities are individuals likely to miss if they try to complete the organization work themselves? 

The clients that are suffering from shame, anxiety and regret usually cannot get the organizing project started or completed. I offer another helpful technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping. This technique helps the client break through emotional blockages that have kept them stuck and/or are preventing them from having the life that they truly want.

I also I’ve been doing this long enough to know what tools work the best.

I’ve also done so many different things in my life that I have many skills that make me sort of the whole package, such as: I can usually repair just about anything or find the right person to do it; I am very savvy with technology and can share time saving apps or help set up clients’ devices. And I can also help with entertaining and party/event planning.

Is there anything you wish your clients knew before contacting you? 

Yes, I want to work with clients who are ready, willing and able to begin the work with me. I try to keep the vibe fun and even humorous at times. Some of my clients have told me that they felt dread before I arrived. And then we did the work in a deliberate and methodical way, had a few laughs and when we finished they were delighted with the progress. And they also get the added value that I’m a Life and Wellness Coach so often I share lots of expertise beyond organizing. Although I feel being organized it part of optimal health and wellness.

Potential clients can read my monthly blog where I share successful organizing projects; organizing tips and tools; and the psychology behind getting successfully organized. I’ve been writing a newsletter or a blog for over 12 years.

Are there any current projects you'd like to tell us about? 

One particular client comes to mind. I have been working with this gentleman for several years. He has his own business and he is very smart and good at what he does (executive coaching). And he is a paper hoarder. I have helped organize his space, his business and his book keeping. I work with him on an ongoing basis as part of his business strategy. I have seen his income increase by close to 40% since we have been working together getting him organized, helping him change his mind-set and having some laughs as well. I love him and we have become great friends. Actually, I have become friends with a lot of my clients over the years. I am blessed and this work is very rewarding.




Maureen Nuccitelli  is a Professional Organizer & owner of The Organizing Diva in Watertown Massachusetts.

Maureen has been Organizing the Boston area for over 20 years and is also a Certified Life Coach.

You can find her and her services at or contact her directly at

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