How to Become a Professional Organizer


You’ve been dreaming of becoming an Organizer and you’re sure this is your calling but… you just don’t know how to go about it and you have so many questions to ask.

We've got all your answers right here!


Do I have the skills?

Yes! Even if you are not a natural born Organizer you definitely have transferable skills. These are the skills you have developed throughout your life, which can be from current or previous careers, school or life experience.  

Everyone has some organizing skills but you might not have thought of them that way. Studying at school requires organizing your time and coursework. All jobs and careers require organizing your time, tasks, assignments, paper and possibly people. Managing a home and a family definitely takes organizing skills ranging from simple to complex.  

All of these skills are valuable and are “transferable”. Meaning that the organizing skills you have developed throughout your life in these other areas transfer as true knowledge and are usable in your Organizing career.


Where do I begin?

You may have already begun to search for a Professional Organizing training program.

We did too when we started out.  There are very few programs out there.   Some of us joined them and others of us used our business experience and passion for organizing and jumped in solo- making lots of mistakes but lots of good decisions too along the way.

You can choose to join a training program or spend years reading, researching and forging your own path.  Or you can join us, the American Society of Professional Organizers. (We know you are going to like us!)

Here are the basics of what you need to do to begin. (Assuming you are already comfortable with your Organizing skills).



1. Define which organizing skills you are most experienced with.

2. Define the services that you would like to offer.

3. Define your niche of clients that you would like to work with.

4. Set up your corporate structure. (Taxes and legal)

5. Gather your tools and your business forms.

6. Brand yourself!  Name, website, business cards.

7. Market your business.


How much can I make?

Before getting started you probably want to make sure that your efforts and resources will not be wasted.

According to,  Professional Organizers earn from $30,683 to $124,078 per year.

That’s quite a wide swing but Organizing is a flexible and versatile profession.

Some Organizers work part time. Many Organizers boost their incomes by offering additional services including discard donation services, reselling,  speaking engagements or mentoring newer organizers. There are many opportunities to build your own unique business.

You may have great organizing skills, but so much of your financial success depends on knowing the harder learned skills of building a strong business model.

You can learn these quickly and simply with our ASPO courses.


What are my upfront costs?

Your investment, when you join ASPO is $275. This bundled price includes Membership and both of ASPO's Certification Courses. You can choose to break these down and take the courses one at a time for $125.

Professional Organizing is a rewarding career for so many reasons. It enables you to have flexible hours and make a positive impact on your community. We don’t know of another career choice with such low start- up costs with this potential ROI (return on investment).

We have spent many years Organizing, researching, learning what works (and what doesn’t).  By becoming a member of ASPO you have a lot to gain and with our guidance, will be on the road to a successful and rewarding career!




If I know that I am a natural Organizer then how does taking Organizing courses benefit me or my career?

Did you ever try to explain to someone what you do at work, or if you are a stay-at-home mom or parent, what you do all day? Did you ever have to write your own job description?

You KNOW what you do, your know that you are GOOD at , and you know that you are BUSY, but explaining it in detail is challenging.

It’s like that with Organizing. There are basic Organizing rules and Organizing principles. You should have clear methods for any organizing project and be able to explain these to your clients.

Let’s not forget, an Organizing business is a business! There are steps to follow for start-up, business management and best practices for marketing and development.

ASPO Courses were developed into these two simple categories:

Mastering Professional Organizing

Establishing Your Professional Organizing Business  

We make it Simple to Learn and Launch!


How does  joining a Professional Association like ASPO and becoming certified benefit me?

Besides our information packed courses, Membership in ASPO gives you


  •      Our Member's Forum to network, learn from and support each other.

  •      Member promotion to the public on our ASPO Find an Organizer database.

  •      Free mini course on our Organizing theory

  •      ASPO Membership Badge to display on your website, social media and marketing materials to let others know about your commitment to the Profession of Organizing.

  •     Business forms designed to get you started right- right away!

  •     Research and education resources to enhance your business and support our teachings.

Getting Certified with ASPO gives you everything you need to make a strong start and keep you going.


What makes ASPO different?

A lot.  For less.
Our view is truly different.



We believe in Simplifying.

Simplify Possessions
Simplify Tasks
Simplify Lives


The Modern World demands so much of us.  ASPO’s view is not to help folks do more, but to help them Simplify life to have more time for what they love.

People who Simplify are less stressed, they spend more significant quality time with family, eat better, have time to enjoy hobbies and most of all report being happier.

We don’t aim for perfection. We help create easier, more satisfying lives.


Our philosophy is to simplify so our courses were designed to be simple to learn and implement in any situation.


We are generous with our knowledge.  We have 2 information packed Courses- not several drawn out and costly courses.

Our Courses are self-paced so you can learn on a schedule that works for you.

Our Business Program is designed as DIY- we show you how to create a professional appearance, low cost and on your own.  No need to spend $1000s  to hire out web builders or graphic designers.

Our Organizing Program gives you the knowledge and tools to tackle any organizing project with confidence.  

When you pass our Courses you become Certified. And you are certified for life. Why? Because Organizing principles do not change.

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the careers of our Organizers and the communities they serve.

You can do this.

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Jennifer Martin